Backup4all - Background data connection and transmission

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Backup4all - Background data connection and transmission

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I faced with this issue and not able to use New version of Backup4all as this program connects your computer to a remote server thru bprocess.exe, but due to restriction with my PC's firewall the new version Backup4All 6.1 and Build188 "goes on loop" and "hangs" thus no backup done - Also tried without network connection in PC.

All my needs of a simple backup service expected is not fulfilled !.
Kindly ensure, clearly communicated that this new version requires "remote connection for a normal function of backup"

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Re: Backup4all - Background data connection and transmission

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There is no bprocess.exe used by Backup4all.
Please make sure if there is another application trying to use such a file.

Backup4all is using the bservice.exe service to communicate between all processes and the main program/interface.
Some of these are: bbackup, btest, brestore etc. They all communicate using the local bservice.exe which is located on your computer. There are antivirus/firewalls applications which blocks by default most of the connections. Some of them can also block the bservice.exe process, also blocking the backup execution.
In such a case you need to put the bservice.exe process in the exceptions list of the antivirus/firewall.

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