Backup to two HDDs - changing drive letters

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Backup to two HDDs - changing drive letters

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I use two hard drives to make incremental backups on them with Backup4All Pro. I followed the instructions and it works fine.

The problem is, because they are not external drives, but hot-swap SATA drives, Windows keep labeling them wrong. The drive label is O: (as off-site backup). If I set the partition to this drive, remove and reinsert the drive, it will get back the same label. If I swap drives however, Windows gives it a different label.

Now every day when I swap the hard drives I change the drive letter. It's quite inconvenient though. Plus it requires administrator rights and I will be away for a while. The person who will swap the drives while I'm not working has no admin rights. So I need to find a solution to this.

Is there any way to do this? I was thinking about writing a script and running it before starting the backup, but I couldn't figure out how I could change drive letter from a script based on the partition id. I could change one letter to the other, which worked fine until I used a memory stick and it messed up the drive letters.


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Re: Backup to two HDDs - changing drive letters

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That is a problem you need to fix outside Backup4all. There is nothing you can do in Backup4all to solve this problem.
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