Backup not backing up all files

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Backup not backing up all files

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I am running version 4.9 Pro on Windows 8, connected to my home network via wifi to a NAS server on my network. I ran a full backup several months ago (source is the NAS and backup is to the laptop) and it appeared that the backup completed successfully. Since then, I have run incremental backups three times a week, without incident. I always check the backup history, and it always contained files that I know have changed, so no problem.

Just now, I ran an incremental backup, and it completed OK. I run the backup again minutes later, and I expected 0 files to be backed up, and it backed up files that should have been backed up during the full backup. The files in question were created several years ago and and were not recently used or accessed. (mostly PDF files). I ran the backup again, and a few more (different) files were backed up. I cannot determine a pattern to the files that are being backed up.

Is there a way to get a file count from Backup4All to determine how many source files are in a backup so it can be compared to the actual source files & folders? I am concerned that not all of my files are being backed up.

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Re: Backup not backing up all files

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To view the Statistics of the backup, please press F3.
To find why the files were backed up again, please send us the .bkc catalog file and the name/path of the files with problems, to support[at]backup4all[dot]com

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