Back up several jobs simultaneously

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Back up several jobs simultaneously

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Could you please check the issue with starting more than 1 backup job. I use "Backup" link that goes in line with the job name (not the one at the top of the ribbon bar). Start one job, then quickly (to reproduce) try to start another job using the link "Backup". The second (sometimes the first) job is not started though the activity is shown there. If cannot reproduce with two jobs, try three ones - start them one after another.

Also, it would be really useful to have a queue option, so that if I start several backups one by one, they would not go all together, but instead would go one after another. I know that there are tags for the jobs, but if I have 10 or more jobs, I cannot create tags for each and every combination of the jobs. It could be done with the check boxes for example, select the jobs to backup in a queue, then click Backup button. Or with a check box option that is quickly accessible from the main program form, like "Use queue".

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Re: Back up several jobs simultaneously

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I tested with 4 backup jobs and they all worked in the same time just fine. Can you reproduce the problem every time with any other backup jobs?

At this moment we don't have plans to implement a queue feature as you described. We recommend you to use the tags (a job can contain multiple tags) to perform the backups as you need.

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