Auto-eject an external drive after backup?

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Auto-eject an external drive after backup?

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I make various flavours of backups (I.e. weekly and monthly) to different external USB drives.
However, due to ransomware concerns, I would like to automatically eject/dismount that drive upon completion of the backup.
Since my backups are scheduled and run during the night, it needs to be an automatic process.
(I know there are numerous manual ways to do it.)
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
Or failing that, does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to protect these backups (mirrors) from the reach of malware/ransomware?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Auto-eject an external drive after backup?

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You can try to run a batch file after the backup, to disconnect the USB drive.
The file path can be inserted in Backup Properties->Advanced page, under "Run action after backup" section.

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