UI suggestion: "Clean the destination folder"

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UI suggestion: "Clean the destination folder"

Post by karelt »

"Clean Backup" window has a checkbox "Clean the destination folder" at the bottom. When it is used, the destination folder is sanitized of any data except the data protected with the system attribute and perhaps some other attribute (did not check them all). IMO this is a very bad app behavior. IMO the user assumes it relates to backup data created by B4A only! It is hard to believe any user would expect a backup app running on a space station might delete anything else.
I suggest correcting this e.g. replacing "Clean the destination folder" with "Clean the destination folder (of all files/folders)".


P.S. the reason for this post is that you have just successfully managed to delete more than a year of my backup data, cca 50GB. Thank you!
P.P.S. no, the backups were not critical. they were "just in case", but still, what an accomplishment :roll:

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: UI suggestion: "Clean the destination folder"

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I'm sorry to hear about your data files.
I created a ticket so that the option will be renamed to be more clear.

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