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Hi. I have been using this software for years and are generally very happy with it. I use mirror backups and only 'new and modified files' and it works great and is fast.

My problem is with the scheduler with the new version 5.1 (build 558) which does not have the built in scheduler like the old version 4. I simply cannot get it to work like it did with the version 4 built-in scheduler. I run win 8.1. I run a schedule twice a week at 6am to back up my 'docs and settings'. It needs to wake the computer, then shut down Outlook if it is running, perform the backup then go back into sleep mode.

I have a fix which works perfectly and never fails and does not involve the windows built-in scheduler.

1. Download this amazing free software WOSB.exe (wake up on standby). Just google wosb.exe.
2. Create a job with backup4all. Edit the job if need be to close Outlook or any other programs before running and to put the computer into sleep, hibernate or shutdown when job is finished.
3. Right click job and 'create shortcut' to desktop or downloads or ?
4. Open WOSB.exe and follow the 5 simple steps. With step 2 right click the job shortcut you created before and copy/paste the target text in the shortcut tab which will look something like this ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Softland\Backup4all 5\bSchedStarter.exe" /R "{A0337518-3E8E-409D-A970-B1751B04514F}" -PRIORITY 2 -FNT) Copy it to step 2 in WOSB.
5. With WOSB step 3 I use 'simply wait' as backup4all will perform this after the job is finished.
6. Step 5 I tick switch to tray and also save the configuration by clicking small box next to exit tab and save as a .bat file.

You are done. This will remain in your tray even after reboots etc.
WOSB can do much more as well if you want.

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