[Changelog] Backup4all 8

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[Changelog] Backup4all 8

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Backup4all 8.0 - Backup4all 8.9. This version was first released in April 2019 and development ended in May 2021. It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

You can download the latest version of Backup4all from: https://download.backup4all.com/downloa ... p-full.exe

NOTE: If you have an older version and want to upgrade please note that version 8 installs separately from the previous versions (doesn't overwrite those). It will also offer a way to import backup jobs from other detected versions. Upgrading from previous older versions (i.e. 7.x, 6.x) is not free, upgrade discounts apply.

Changes in Backup4all 8.9.382 (19-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Cloud destination upload for large file
  • Fixed: File upload to SFTP did not perform retries
  • Fixed: Restore mirror from Google to SFTP had different file size
  • Fixed: Login to Box issues
  • Fixed: Backups to OneDrive freezing in certain situations
  • Fixed: Google Drive to FTP mirror - all files are zero size
  • Fixed: Invalid date error for Azure backups
  • Fixed: Links are now open with default browser
  • Fixed: Portuguese language display issues
  • Fixed: Password lost after upgrade from v4 to v8
  • Fixed: Slovenian language corrections
Changes in Backup4all 8.9.352 (7-December-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for PhotoScape
  • Added: Backup plugin for FireAlpaca
  • Added: Backup plugin for MediBang Paint Pro
  • Added: Backup plugin for SketchBook
  • Added: Backup plugin for Affinity Photo
  • Added: Backup plugin for Lumion
  • Added: Backup plugin for Krita
  • Added: Backup plugin for Blender
  • Added: Backup plugin for MakeHuman
  • Added: Backup plugin for PrivaZer
  • Added: Adaptive mirror buffer depending on file size (up to 3x speed improvement)
  • Updated: Major speed improvements for mirror backups to network
  • Updated: German language corrections
  • Updated: Additional logging for backups to Azure
  • Fixed: Export history did not work for "Today"
  • Fixed: Setting Box as backup destination was asking for login every time
Changes in Backup4all 8.8.335 (06-August-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for QuickBooks
  • Added: Backup plugin for dBpoweramp
  • Added: Backup plugin for FileZilla Client
  • Added: Backup plugin for OpenToonz
  • Added: Backup plugin for Avidemux
  • Updated: Engine for Azure backups
  • Fixed: Error when merging backups in some situations
  • Fixed: Bad request when backing up large files to Amazon S3
  • Fixed: Double icons displayed in the check for updates window
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.331 (08-July-2020)
  • Fixed: Crash when expanding file tree during restore
  • Fixed: When restoring in certain situations the restore path was altered
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.328 (29-June-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Zoom Meetings
  • Added: Backup plugin for VirtualBox
  • Added: Backup plugin for IObit Uninstaller
  • Added: Backup plugin for SUMo
  • Updated: Slovenian language
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Updated: Polish language
  • Fixed: Remove excluded/deleted files not working on Amazon S3
  • Fixed: LTFS file system was not recognized and files were split 2 GB
  • Fixed: FTP list on some servers returned full path
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.310 (14-May-2020)
  • Added: Slovenian language for the user interface
  • Fixed: Error when sending emails via Gmail
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.308 (11-May-2020)
  • Added: Blackblaze backup destination
  • Added: Option to send email notifications via Gmail
  • Added: Backup plugin for Spotify
  • Added: Backup plugin for GIMP
  • Added: Backup plugin for Evernote
  • Added: Backup plugin for iTunes
  • Added: Finnish language
  • Fixed: Email tags in Spanish
Changes in Backup4all 8.6.292 (13-April-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for doPDF
  • Added: Backup plugin for Paint.net
  • Added: Backup plugin for Foobar2000
  • Added: Backup plugin for Google Earth Pro
  • Added: Backup plugin for Inkscape
  • Fixed: Block backup issues in certain situations
Changes in Backup4all 8.6.288 (24-March-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for qBittorrent
  • Added: Backup plugin for Teracopy
  • Added: Backup plugin for SPAMfighter
  • Added: Backup plugin for ImgBurn
  • Added: Backup plugin for IrfanView
  • Added: Backup plugin for FreeCommander
  • Added: Backup plugin for CDBurnerXP
  • Added: Backup plugin for Multi-Commander
  • Added: Backup plugin for Kodi
  • Added: Backup plugin for Plex
  • Added: Russian language for the user interface
  • Updated: Spanish language
  • Updated: German language
  • Updated: Chinese Simplified language
  • Fixed: Backup to Google Drive for Teams
  • Fixed: OneDrive for business destination was detected as full for Smart backup type
  • Fixed: Prefix for Mirror backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.5.272 (03-February-2020)
  • Fixed: Error when restoring from cloud backups with splits
Changes in Backup4all 8.5.264 (17-December-2019)
  • Fixed: German translation
  • Fixed: Memory usage for certain Amazon S3 backups
  • Fixed: Error while creating ZIP archive in certain situations
  • Fixed: High memory usage for Remote Monitor cache
Changes in Backup4all 8.5.259 (9-December-2019)
  • Added: Backup plugin for LibreOffice
  • Added: Backup plugin for WhatsApp
  • Added: Backup plugin for Telegram
  • Updated: Time stamp is now preserved when restoring from cloud backups
  • Updated: Mail App plugin works with the latest version now
  • Updated: Backup plugin creator on 64-bit systems
  • Fixed: Memory leaks occurring in specific situations
Changes in Backup4all 8.4.251 (18-November-2019)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Audacity
  • Added: Backup plugin for OcenAudio
  • Added: Backup plugin for SlimCleaner
  • Added: Serbian language added for the user interface (both Latin and Cyrillic)
  • Updated: Design for the ribbon interface with styling options
  • Updated: Dutch language
  • Updated: Japanese language
  • Updated: Manual activation window was redesigned
  • Fixed: Selective restore with file filtering ignored main folder
  • Fixed: Group name tag in email templates was not displaying proper information
  • Fixed: Multiple "new version available" update windows
  • Fixed: Timestamp error for scheduled backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.3.237 (14-October-2019)
  • Fix: Backing up to DVD using the fast mirror option enabled
Changes in Backup4all 8.3.233 (10-October-2019)
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese language
  • Added: Danish language
  • Added: Dutch language
  • Added: French language
  • Added: Korean language
  • Added: Portuguese language
  • Added: Romanian language
  • Added: Turkish language
  • Updated: Major improvements for email notifications
  • Updated: Optimized cloud backups when timeouts occur
  • Fixed: Schedulers ordered by date were not displayed properly
Changes in Backup4all 8.2.216 (05-September-2019)
  • Fixed: Email text files updated
  • Fixed: Plain text notification emails were always in English
Changes in Backup4all 8.2.214 (02-September-2019)
  • Fixed: Modified and excluded versions of the same file in a backup number
  • Fixed: Console was blocked when the monitoring service stopped responding
  • Fixed: Access violation at address 018A40E0 in module Backup4all.EXE
  • Fixed: Error backing up Outlook during the "Creating block list" phase
  • Fixed: Error when importing backup jobs from previous versions
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.206 (13-August-2019)
  • Fixed: Run backup at shutdown on Windows 10
  • Fixed: Zip the files option in Wizard does not remain checked
  • Fixed: Shut down after backup on Windows 10
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.202 (18-July-2019)
  • Updated: Reduced window & button flickering on resize
  • Fixed: Open backups from Google Cloud Storage
  • Fixed: Signed MSI files with new certificate
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.195 (02-July-2019)
  • Fixed: Save grouping for tables
  • Fixed: Remote monitoring error when using different decimal separator
  • Fixed: Flush remote monitor updates before sending the finish message
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.183 (19-June-2019)
  • Added: Remote monitoring support for backups and other actions
  • Added: Option to show News page again after being hidden
  • Added: Added job name instead of job ID in the description column
  • Fixed: Navigation pane showed Expanded even with Collapsed/Off in options
  • Fixed: Ensure folder exists before downloading file
  • Fixed: Overwrite mirror files notification
  • Fixed: Ensure cache is flushed when stopping the application
  • Fixed: Destination was changed when opening multiple jobs at once
  • Fixed: Display settings reset after restart
  • Fixed: Buy Now button returned AV when using the trial
  • Fixed: Filter window in Backup View
  • Fixed: Reduce catalog loading time
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.155 (15-May-2019)
  • Added: Backup Data Deduplication files
  • Fixed: Mirror Backup to CD/DVD source error
  • Fixed: Amazon S3 bucket name correction
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.148 (09-May-2019)
  • Fixed: Refresh token problem when backing up to Microsoft OneDrive
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.147 (08-May-2019)
  • Fixed: Minor fixes for the installer
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.146 (07-May-2019)
  • Updated: Portuguese translation is now complete
  • Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation is now complete
  • Updated: Korean translation is now complete
  • Fixed: Scheduler was resetting to the current time in new backup wizard
  • Fixed: Next button was deactivated on source selection page
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.141 (24-April-2019)
  • Updated: Romanian translation is now complete
  • Updated: French translation is now complete
  • Updated: Dutch translation is now complete
  • Fixed: Access violation for network mirror backups using local catalogs
  • Fixed: Mirror backups to Google Drive had warnings in certain situations
  • Fixed: "A file with the same id already exists error" for Dropbox backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.134 (18-April-2019)
  • Added: Filter for Windows.old folder
  • Updated: Added more file types to the Documents filter
  • Fixed: Scheduler status in list view always showed as disabled
  • Fixed: Cannot install plugins via the plugin manager
  • Fixed: Backup skipped files in special cases
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.129 (16-April-2019)
  • Added: Danish translation for the user interface
  • Added: Saved destinations automatically appear in New Backup Wizard
  • Fixed: Google Cloud Storage buckets were created with default storage class
  • Fixed: Empty folders warning for Google Cloud and Amazon S3 backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.122 (11-April-2019)
  • Added: Google Cloud Storage as a new destination
  • Added: Option to keep multiple catalog versions in destination
  • Added: Scheduler enabled/disabled icons were added
  • Added: Backup label column in history
  • Added: Support for macros in the Activation window
  • Updated: Network backup is now faster and more reliable
  • Updated: Redesigned New Backup Wizard
  • Updated: Faster restore from remote destinations
  • Updated: Log retries attempts on LAN
  • Updated: Import at first run only if previous version is installed
  • Updated: Delete configurations and deactivate licenses on Uninstall
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