[Changelog] Backup4all 8

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[Changelog] Backup4all 8

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Backup4all 8.0 - Backup4all 8.9. This version was first released in April 2019 and development ended in May 2021. It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

You can download the latest version of Backup4all from: https://download.backup4all.com/downloa ... p-full.exe

NOTE: If you have an older version and want to upgrade please note that version 8 installs separately from the previous versions (doesn't overwrite those). It will also offer a way to import backup jobs from other detected versions. Upgrading from previous older versions (i.e. 7.x, 6.x) is not free, upgrade discounts apply.

As of October 2022 we have disabled hubiC as a cloud destination because the service was discontinued by its parent company.

Changes in Backup4all 8.9.419 (24-July-2023)
  • Added: New backup plugin for FL Studio
  • Added: New backup plugin for Rambox
  • Added: New backup plugin for Wondershare PDFelement
  • Added: New backup plugin for OnlyOffice Desktop Editor
  • Fixed: Show error dialog instead of balloon for licensing errors
Changes in Backup4all 8.9.382 (19-May-2021)
  • Fixed: Cloud destination upload for large file
  • Fixed: File upload to SFTP did not perform retries
  • Fixed: Restore mirror from Google to SFTP had different file size
  • Fixed: Login to Box issues
  • Fixed: Backups to OneDrive freezing in certain situations
  • Fixed: Google Drive to FTP mirror - all files are zero size
  • Fixed: Invalid date error for Azure backups
  • Fixed: Links are now open with default browser
  • Fixed: Portuguese language display issues
  • Fixed: Password lost after upgrade from v4 to v8
  • Fixed: Slovenian language corrections
Changes in Backup4all 8.9.352 (7-December-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for PhotoScape
  • Added: Backup plugin for FireAlpaca
  • Added: Backup plugin for MediBang Paint Pro
  • Added: Backup plugin for SketchBook
  • Added: Backup plugin for Affinity Photo
  • Added: Backup plugin for Lumion
  • Added: Backup plugin for Krita
  • Added: Backup plugin for Blender
  • Added: Backup plugin for MakeHuman
  • Added: Backup plugin for PrivaZer
  • Added: Adaptive mirror buffer depending on file size (up to 3x speed improvement)
  • Updated: Major speed improvements for mirror backups to network
  • Updated: German language corrections
  • Updated: Additional logging for backups to Azure
  • Fixed: Export history did not work for "Today"
  • Fixed: Setting Box as backup destination was asking for login every time
Changes in Backup4all 8.8.335 (06-August-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for QuickBooks
  • Added: Backup plugin for dBpoweramp
  • Added: Backup plugin for FileZilla Client
  • Added: Backup plugin for OpenToonz
  • Added: Backup plugin for Avidemux
  • Updated: Engine for Azure backups
  • Fixed: Error when merging backups in some situations
  • Fixed: Bad request when backing up large files to Amazon S3
  • Fixed: Double icons displayed in the check for updates window
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.331 (08-July-2020)
  • Fixed: Crash when expanding file tree during restore
  • Fixed: When restoring in certain situations the restore path was altered
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.328 (29-June-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Zoom Meetings
  • Added: Backup plugin for VirtualBox
  • Added: Backup plugin for IObit Uninstaller
  • Added: Backup plugin for SUMo
  • Updated: Slovenian language
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Updated: Polish language
  • Fixed: Remove excluded/deleted files not working on Amazon S3
  • Fixed: LTFS file system was not recognized and files were split 2 GB
  • Fixed: FTP list on some servers returned full path
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.310 (14-May-2020)
  • Added: Slovenian language for the user interface
  • Fixed: Error when sending emails via Gmail
Changes in Backup4all 8.7.308 (11-May-2020)
  • Added: Blackblaze backup destination
  • Added: Option to send email notifications via Gmail
  • Added: Backup plugin for Spotify
  • Added: Backup plugin for GIMP
  • Added: Backup plugin for Evernote
  • Added: Backup plugin for iTunes
  • Added: Finnish language
  • Fixed: Email tags in Spanish
Changes in Backup4all 8.6.292 (13-April-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for doPDF
  • Added: Backup plugin for Paint.net
  • Added: Backup plugin for Foobar2000
  • Added: Backup plugin for Google Earth Pro
  • Added: Backup plugin for Inkscape
  • Fixed: Block backup issues in certain situations
Changes in Backup4all 8.6.288 (24-March-2020)
  • Added: Backup plugin for qBittorrent
  • Added: Backup plugin for Teracopy
  • Added: Backup plugin for SPAMfighter
  • Added: Backup plugin for ImgBurn
  • Added: Backup plugin for IrfanView
  • Added: Backup plugin for FreeCommander
  • Added: Backup plugin for CDBurnerXP
  • Added: Backup plugin for Multi-Commander
  • Added: Backup plugin for Kodi
  • Added: Backup plugin for Plex
  • Added: Russian language for the user interface
  • Updated: Spanish language
  • Updated: German language
  • Updated: Chinese Simplified language
  • Fixed: Backup to Google Drive for Teams
  • Fixed: OneDrive for business destination was detected as full for Smart backup type
  • Fixed: Prefix for Mirror backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.5.272 (03-February-2020)
  • Fixed: Error when restoring from cloud backups with splits
Changes in Backup4all 8.5.264 (17-December-2019)
  • Fixed: German translation
  • Fixed: Memory usage for certain Amazon S3 backups
  • Fixed: Error while creating ZIP archive in certain situations
  • Fixed: High memory usage for Remote Monitor cache
Changes in Backup4all 8.5.259 (9-December-2019)
  • Added: Backup plugin for LibreOffice
  • Added: Backup plugin for WhatsApp
  • Added: Backup plugin for Telegram
  • Updated: Time stamp is now preserved when restoring from cloud backups
  • Updated: Mail App plugin works with the latest version now
  • Updated: Backup plugin creator on 64-bit systems
  • Fixed: Memory leaks occurring in specific situations
Changes in Backup4all 8.4.251 (18-November-2019)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Audacity
  • Added: Backup plugin for OcenAudio
  • Added: Backup plugin for SlimCleaner
  • Added: Serbian language added for the user interface (both Latin and Cyrillic)
  • Updated: Design for the ribbon interface with styling options
  • Updated: Dutch language
  • Updated: Japanese language
  • Updated: Manual activation window was redesigned
  • Fixed: Selective restore with file filtering ignored main folder
  • Fixed: Group name tag in email templates was not displaying proper information
  • Fixed: Multiple "new version available" update windows
  • Fixed: Timestamp error for scheduled backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.3.237 (14-October-2019)
  • Fix: Backing up to DVD using the fast mirror option enabled
Changes in Backup4all 8.3.233 (10-October-2019)
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese language
  • Added: Danish language
  • Added: Dutch language
  • Added: French language
  • Added: Korean language
  • Added: Portuguese language
  • Added: Romanian language
  • Added: Turkish language
  • Updated: Major improvements for email notifications
  • Updated: Optimized cloud backups when timeouts occur
  • Fixed: Schedulers ordered by date were not displayed properly
Changes in Backup4all 8.2.216 (05-September-2019)
  • Fixed: Email text files updated
  • Fixed: Plain text notification emails were always in English
Changes in Backup4all 8.2.214 (02-September-2019)
  • Fixed: Modified and excluded versions of the same file in a backup number
  • Fixed: Console was blocked when the monitoring service stopped responding
  • Fixed: Access violation at address 018A40E0 in module Backup4all.EXE
  • Fixed: Error backing up Outlook during the "Creating block list" phase
  • Fixed: Error when importing backup jobs from previous versions
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.206 (13-August-2019)
  • Fixed: Run backup at shutdown on Windows 10
  • Fixed: Zip the files option in Wizard does not remain checked
  • Fixed: Shut down after backup on Windows 10
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.202 (18-July-2019)
  • Updated: Reduced window & button flickering on resize
  • Fixed: Open backups from Google Cloud Storage
  • Fixed: Signed MSI files with new certificate
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.195 (02-July-2019)
  • Fixed: Save grouping for tables
  • Fixed: Remote monitoring error when using different decimal separator
  • Fixed: Flush remote monitor updates before sending the finish message
Changes in Backup4all 8.1.183 (19-June-2019)
  • Added: Remote monitoring support for backups and other actions
  • Added: Option to show News page again after being hidden
  • Added: Added job name instead of job ID in the description column
  • Fixed: Navigation pane showed Expanded even with Collapsed/Off in options
  • Fixed: Ensure folder exists before downloading file
  • Fixed: Overwrite mirror files notification
  • Fixed: Ensure cache is flushed when stopping the application
  • Fixed: Destination was changed when opening multiple jobs at once
  • Fixed: Display settings reset after restart
  • Fixed: Buy Now button returned AV when using the trial
  • Fixed: Filter window in Backup View
  • Fixed: Reduce catalog loading time
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.155 (15-May-2019)
  • Added: Backup Data Deduplication files
  • Fixed: Mirror Backup to CD/DVD source error
  • Fixed: Amazon S3 bucket name correction
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.148 (09-May-2019)
  • Fixed: Refresh token problem when backing up to Microsoft OneDrive
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.147 (08-May-2019)
  • Fixed: Minor fixes for the installer
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.146 (07-May-2019)
  • Updated: Portuguese translation is now complete
  • Updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation is now complete
  • Updated: Korean translation is now complete
  • Fixed: Scheduler was resetting to the current time in new backup wizard
  • Fixed: Next button was deactivated on source selection page
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.141 (24-April-2019)
  • Updated: Romanian translation is now complete
  • Updated: French translation is now complete
  • Updated: Dutch translation is now complete
  • Fixed: Access violation for network mirror backups using local catalogs
  • Fixed: Mirror backups to Google Drive had warnings in certain situations
  • Fixed: "A file with the same id already exists error" for Dropbox backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.134 (18-April-2019)
  • Added: Filter for Windows.old folder
  • Updated: Added more file types to the Documents filter
  • Fixed: Scheduler status in list view always showed as disabled
  • Fixed: Cannot install plugins via the plugin manager
  • Fixed: Backup skipped files in special cases
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.129 (16-April-2019)
  • Added: Danish translation for the user interface
  • Added: Saved destinations automatically appear in New Backup Wizard
  • Fixed: Google Cloud Storage buckets were created with default storage class
  • Fixed: Empty folders warning for Google Cloud and Amazon S3 backups
Changes in Backup4all 8.0.122 (11-April-2019)
  • Added: Google Cloud Storage as a new destination
  • Added: Option to keep multiple catalog versions in destination
  • Added: Scheduler enabled/disabled icons were added
  • Added: Backup label column in history
  • Added: Support for macros in the Activation window
  • Updated: Network backup is now faster and more reliable
  • Updated: Redesigned New Backup Wizard
  • Updated: Faster restore from remote destinations
  • Updated: Log retries attempts on LAN
  • Updated: Import at first run only if previous version is installed
  • Updated: Delete configurations and deactivate licenses on Uninstall
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