[Changelog] Backup4all 3

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[Changelog] Backup4all 3

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Backup4all 3.0 - Backup4all 3.11. This version was first released in February 2006 and development ended in March 2008. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in December 2010.

If you are looking for the latest version of Backup4all, you can download it here:
http://download.backup4all.com/download ... p-full.exe

Changes in Backup4all 3.11 (20-Mar-2008)
  • Added: “Clean backup” option now available via command line too
  • Added: More than 80 backup plugins now available – latest added plugins: CounterSpy, Bioshock, Crysis, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and The Witcher
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes for Backup4all and Backup4all for U3
Changes in Backup4all 3.10 (13-August-2007)
  • Added: Backup plugin for Mozilla FireFox
  • Added: Backup plugin for WinRAR
  • Added: Backup plugin for WinZIP
  • Added: Backup plugin for LimeWire
  • Added: Backup plugin for Opera
  • Added: Backup plugin for Yahoo Messenger
  • Added: Backup plugin for Trillian
  • Added: Backup plugin for Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Added: Backup plugin for NOD32
  • Added: Backup plugin for FileZilla Server
  • Added: Backup plugin for ICQ
  • Added: Backup plugin for MSN Messenger
  • Added: Backup plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Added: Backup plugin for eMule
  • Added: Backup plugin for Alcohol 120%
  • Added: Backup plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • Added: Backup plugin for BearFlix
  • Added: Backup plugin for Windows Scheduled Tasks
  • Added: Backup plugin for Windows Media Player
  • Added: Backup plugin for Windows Explorer Toolbar
Changes in Backup4all 3.9 (26-Apr-2007)
  • Added: "Clean backup" action added
  • Added: Option to set a destination folder for FTP backups
  • Added: Option to use extensive passive mode for FTP transfers
  • Added: XML plug-in system
  • Added: Option to use native Win32 interface for primary burning engine
  • Fix: CD/DVD burn fixes
Changes in Backup4all 3.8 (1-Feb-2007)
  • Updated: Volume Shadow Copy redesigned
Changes in Backup4all 3.7 (22-Nov-2006)
  • Added: Option added to make Backup4all’s settings available for current user/all users
  • Added: New parameters for command line installation: CURRENTUSER, SETTINGSFOLDER
  • Added: Option to change location of Settings folder
  • Added: All settings are now kept in .ini files (were stored in registry before)
  • Fixed: CRC checking and independent splits corrections
  • Fixed: Clear backup did not clear the folder created on FTP
  • Fixed: Invalid parameter when clicking first time on OTB button
Changes in Backup4all 3.6 (2-Nov-2006)
  • Added: Option to back up using only the archive bit attribute
  • Added: "Filter by Test" action added in Schedule Job window
  • Added: User interface localization in Portuguese
  • Fixed: Adding excluded files caused adding the file again
  • Fixed: FTP error when the connection is lost while uploading
  • Fixed: Retry time for floppy access using command line was ignored
  • Fixed: "Invalid parameters" error when pressing OTB button
  • Fixed: Invalid parameters for scheduler (backup was not started because of this)
Changes in Backup4all 3.5 (11-Oct-2006)
  • Added: Option to send email notifications after the "Test" operation
  • Added: "Test" operation added as action in "Scheduler"
  • Added: "Test" operation added as action in "Create Shortcut"
  • Added: "Restore Latest Version", "Restore Latest Version To" added as drop down actions for the "Restore" toolbar option (restore the latest version without showing the "Restore Wizard")
  • Added: "Do not create drive letter folder" option added in "Restore Wizard"
  • Added: "Clear backup before run" option added in "Scheduler"
  • Added: "Clear backup before run" option added in "Create Shortcut"
  • Added: New parameters for <Clear backup> action: dw (day of week, 1-7) and dm (day of month, 1-30)
  • Added: New parameters for command line: /TEST (/T), /CLEAR (/C)
Changes in Backup4all 3.4 (20-Sep-2006)
  • Added: Customizable timeout for FTP connections
  • Added: Upload/download transfer limit for FTP backups
  • Added: Password protect log file in notification emails
  • Added: Mirror back up to FTP supports resuming
  • Added: <EXCLUDED SOURCES> tag for email templates
  • Added: Back up Backup4all configurations (added as predefined backup)
  • Added: Export statistics to CSV
  • Updated: Improved FTP engine (more stable)
  • Updated: Improved email engine
  • Updated: Improved logging
  • Fixed: statistics counted sizes of excluded files too, access violation at shutdown, access violation when deleting a backup job, backup jobs were executed at shutdown even if the scheduler was disabled, fixes for predefined backups, backup to LAN and mapped drive (with user and password) fixes
Changes in Backup4all 3.3 (12-July-2006)
  • Added: Option to test FTP backups using the XCRC command (if supported by the server)
  • Added: Option to run backup at system shutdown
  • Added: "Backup open files (XP/2003 Server only)" is now an optional setting
  • Added: Option to "Abort backup when network sources are not available"
  • Added: Option to set "Default compression filter" values
  • Updated: Improved progress reporting
  • Updated: Detailed logging process
Changes in Backup4all 3.2 (29-May-2006)
  • Added: Option to choose "Windows Scheduler" or "standalone scheduler" for scheduled backup jobs before "Import"
  • Added: "Import inactive schedulers" option added
  • Added: "Close after run" option added to "Create Shortcut" when using the main application
  • Added: "Hide Window" option added to "Create Shortcut" when using command line application
  • Updated: "Backup list" window is now resizable
Changes in Backup4all 3.1 (19-Apr-2006)
  • Added: FTP resuming support (within a certain number of retry times)
  • Added: SSL support for email notifications
  • Added: Option to "Compress the log file" when using email notifications
  • Added: Option to "Use standalone scheduler" (by default Windows scheduler is used)
  • Added: "Hide window" for command line application (will run in background)
  • Added: "Load CD/DVD before backup" option
  • Added: Option to "Warn before canceling backup"
  • Added: Option to "Show hidden files in open dialogs"
  • Added: "No success sound" to sound notifications
  • Added: "No success email" to email notifications
Changes in Backup4all 3.0 (6-Feb-2006)
  • Added: Backup locked or open files (XP/2003)
  • Added: Backup to FTP
  • Added: Email notifications (success, error, warning notifications)
  • Added: AES encryption (128, 192 and 256-bit)
  • Added: Predefined backup added for Outlook Express
  • Added: New scheduler (runs as a service)
  • Added: Store local catalogs
  • Added: Independent spanned backups
  • Added: Secondary built-in burning engine
  • Added: Delete sources after successful backup
  • Added: Delete empty directories
  • Added: New prefix TAGS for zip and mirror folders
  • Added: Improved "Create Shortcut" feature
  • Added: New scheduler options: "Show errors and warnings" and "Ask for user input when backup cannot continue"
  • Added: Possibility to specify username and password for LAN destinations
  • Added: <Hibernate> added to the "Perform action after backup" actions list
  • Added: New attributes in the Filters and in the Comparison Criteria
  • Added: Backup test performed after writing each disc
  • Added: "Make full backup" option to Incremental backup type also
  • Added: Toggle toolbar buttons hints and captions
  • Added: "Show errors in tray" option
  • Added: Visualization modes for Normal/Windows/Scheduler startup
  • Added: Custom file locations (for temporary, initialization, log, catalog file folder)
  • Added: Change background color option
  • Updated: Help file re-written
  • Updated: Improved design
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Backup4all 3.x [YOU ARE READING THIS]
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