[Changelog] Backup4all 2

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[Changelog] Backup4all 2

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Backup4all 2.0 - Backup4all 2.3.4 This version was first released in February 2003 and development ended in Oct 2005. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in December 2007.

If you are looking for the latest version of Backup4all, you can download it here:
http://download.backup4all.com/download ... p-full.exe

Changes in Backup4all 2.3.4 (27-Oct-2005)
  • Updated: Restore process optimized
  • Updated: "One Touch Backup" feature improved
  • Updated: Improved automatic split for DVD backups
  • Updated: Help file
  • Fixed: Fixed minor bugs
Changes in Backup4all 2.3.3 (4-Jul-2005)
  • Added: Show backup job name in title bar feature added
  • Updated: "One Touch Backup" feature extended
  • Updated: Merge process optimized
  • Updated: Help file
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
Changes in Backup4all 2.3.2 (16-Mar-2005)
  • Added: Command line parameters introduced in the main application
  • Added: Command line application extended with extra parameters
  • Updated: Help file
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
Changes in Backup4all 2.3.1 (16-Feb-2005)
  • Added: Extensions added to the "One Touch Backup" feature
  • Added: Close application to tray
  • Added: More accurate backup progress reporting
Changes in Backup4all 2.3.0 (26-Nov-2004)
  • Added: "One Touch Backup" feature
  • Added: File comparison criteria
  • Added: Option to reset archive bit
  • Added: Option to play custom sounds at the end of the backup
  • Added: "Do not split files in mirror backup" option
  • Added: "Use temporary folder to create zip files" option
  • Added: Option to choose log folder location
  • Added: Option to show file warnings
  • Added: Support for file/folder paths longer than 260 characters
  • Added: Erase CD/DVD tool
  • Added: Faster zip merging
  • Added: Faster program startup
  • Added: New command line switches
Changes in Backup4all 2.2.1 (7-Sep-2004)
  • Added: Choose ASPI layer to use (internal or external)
  • Added: After backup program/action was executed between backup and test. Now is executed after test.
  • Updated: Optimized zip testing
  • Updated: Help file adjustments
  • Updated: WinXP SP2 compatibility
  • Fixed: Writing large zip files to DVD
  • Fixed: Merging backups
  • Fixed: Backup statistics
  • Fixed: "List index out of bounds" problem that happens when there were only excluded files
Changes in Backup4all 2.2.0 (11-Jun-2004)
  • Added: New Backup4all edition (Classic)
  • Added: Added DVD support. Extended CD support
  • Added: Test/verify files automatically after backup (uses CRC32)
  • Added: Possibility to test/verify backup job integrity with a click of a button at any time
  • Added: Preview files before restoring
  • Added: Possibility to keep multiple versions for full and differential backup
  • Added: Possibility to limit the number versions for full and differential backup
  • Added: Switching between full, differential or incremental backup types does not clear the backup data anymore
  • Added: Copy files directly into destination folder for mirror backup
  • Added: Set backup, test and restore thread priorities
  • Added: New Backup Wizard, Backup Properties and Restore Wizard dialogs are now resizable
  • Added: Log system has been revised. Added log for restore and test actions
  • Added: Remember columns width, position and state (visible/invisible) for all grids inside application
  • Added: Option to make each backup on a new (removable) disk
  • Updated: Improved statistics
Changes in Backup4all 2.1.0 (3-Mar-2004)
  • Added: Unlimited zip file size (zip64 support), faster zipping algorithm, compatible with all zip applications
  • Added: CD burner updated to support more CD writers
  • Added: Separate description for each backup increment
  • Added: Multi language support
  • Added: Multiple selection in the explore view
  • Added: Clear backup action has now parameters
  • Added: Backup errors are separated from the backup warnings
Changes in Backup4all 2.0.1 (15-Dec-2003)
  • Added: Drag-drop support for adding files and folders as sources
  • Added: Option to show a warning message before erasing removable media
  • Added: Option to keep the CD ejected after burning
  • Added: Daylight saving time fix for NT file systems
  • Added: "Check all" and "Uncheck all" commands to easily select/deselect all sources
  • Added: Override file filters for root sources
Changes in Backup4all 2.0.0 (3-Nov-2003)
  • Added: Differential backup type: faster than full backup, backs up only new and modified files
  • Added: Incremental backup type: possibility to limit the number of backup increments that are created
  • Added: Disk spanning
  • Added: Disk labeling
  • Added: Customize and preview zip names
  • Added: Mirror backup type: customize destination folder names, recreate folder tree
  • Added: Handle data volumes larger than 2 Gbytes
  • Added: Built in CD burning support. No need for third party drivers
  • Added: Show file sizes and modification dates in Explore View. Sort files in tree by clicking on column header
  • Added: Easy restore of a whole folder by right-click menu in Explore View
  • Added: Command line support
  • Added: Create shortcut to execute one backup job
  • Added: File finder in Explore View (by name)
  • Added: Show available space in destination on Statistics View
  • Added: Possibility to run program/action only once
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Backup4all 2.x [YOU ARE READING THIS]
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