[Changelog] Backup4all 1

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[Changelog] Backup4all 1

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of Backup4all 1.0 - Backup4all 1.5 This version was first released in February 2003 and development ended in May 2003. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in December 2005.

If you are looking for the latest version of Backup4all, you can download it here:
http://download.backup4all.com/download ... p-full.exe

Changes in Backup4all 1.5 (23-May-2003)
  • Added: Execute all backup jobs in a group
  • Added: Backup job properties: added support for .bmp files
  • Added: Restore latest file version directly from the tree, Explore view
  • Added: Corrections made in displaying backup progress status
  • Added: Options to view backup job and application log in View menu
  • Added: Optimized Expand All process in the Explore view
  • Added: Always use absolute path for destination and temporary folders
Changes in Backup4all 1.4 (30-Apr-2003)
  • Added: Password protection
  • Added: Open .bkc files from main menu
  • Added: Option added to sort backup jobs in backup groups
  • Added: Improved .bkc file structure. Existing .bkc files will be converted to the new format
  • Added: Delete non-empty backup groups
  • Added: Add "Expand all" and "Collapse all" for the Explore View
  • Updated: Improved statistics
  • Fixed: Corrections made in scheduler
  • Fixed: Corrections made in showing the tray icon
Changes in Backup4all 1.3 (19-Mar-2003)
  • Added: Help file has been added with support for context menu
  • Added: Corrections made in file filter configuration
  • Updated: Enhanced support for browsing Explore View during the backup process
  • Updated: Improved statistics
  • Updated: Improved backup logging; error log added
  • Updated: More precise progress status when backing up
  • Updated: Optimized access to removable media
  • Fixed: Corrections made in handling .bkc files
  • Fixed: Corrections made in scheduler
  • Fixed: Warning dialog if the backup size exceeds 2 GBytes
Changes in Backup4all 1.2 (7-Feb-2003)
  • Added: Backup speed was drastically improved
  • Added: An option to minimize on tray was added
  • Added: Backup summary was improved in both layout and content
  • Added: A new option is available for hiding background image on the left side of application's main form
  • Added: You can add individual files to the backup source, not only folders
  • Added: Corrections made for incremental backup
  • Added: Shut down problem for Win2000 was corrected
  • Added: A visual sign is shown for backups that are currently executed. Active backups window was added
  • Added: A new option to hide scheduler warning
  • Added: Cosmetic changes to the user interface, new shortcuts

You can read the changelog for different versions of Backup4all here:
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Backup4all 1.x [YOU ARE READING THIS]
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