What Backup4all gonna do with the new files and dirs?

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What Backup4all gonna do with the new files and dirs?

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Started using Backup4all 8. So far I need to backup one folder with a lot of different files by size once every three days. I chose differential backup.
I haven't found an answer to that and I don't see it in the settings:
Here I've specified a folder, and in the filter there's one exception (directory) in it. What if new directories and files appear eventually,

1) Will the new directories be backed up?
2) If I want to make a rollback, will the program delete these directories (which are not in the backup at all) and files in them, or it can't do that?
3) I wanted to limit the number of file versions, but I didn't understand the difference between "file versions" and "backups", and I didn't understand "merge backup" at all. And then when I tried to change it, it scared me with a warning that it would lead to instability of this Galaxy arm ;) and I shamefully ran away from this menu.

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Re: What Backup4all gonna do with the new files and dirs?

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1. If new files and folders are created in the backup source folder, they will be automatically added to the backup sources list.
2. In case of restore, only the files from backup are restored in the original/specified location. The extra files/folders in sources are NOT deleted.
3. You should select the limit for number of backup versions.
The limit for number of file versions keeps multiple backup versions and will remove older versions of a file from the oldest backup version including that file version.
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