VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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Re: VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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Guest wrote:hi,
i just installed 214. problem still exists, additionally my windows 7 32 bit freezes each time backup4all is preparing the shadow copy and i have the endless "preparing shadow copy"...
can you please let me know, where i can download an older version (before 213) which works?
There is always a bug in a fresh version released, so I try to keep the one which works and has no major issues. I think the developer should keep in mind that most of the time users complain about VSS bugs and this is the part which must be tested on several OS and computers before they release. I will not download updates until the developer states VSS bug has been fixed for 64 bit systems and users will confirm that. :(

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Re: VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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We tested Backup4all on all working OS (both 32 and 64 bit) and it works fine here.
Many clients confirmed the problem was fixed.
However, please note we are interested to find if there are new particular situations which cause any problem so we can fix it.

Please make sure the Volume shadow copy service from Start-> is started and set to manual.
Please follow these steps:
1. Download and extract DebugView from http://download.sysinternals.com/Files/DebugView.zip.
2. Start DebugView
3. Start Backup4all and run the backup.
4. Send us: the debug log, the backup log (from View->Job Logs->Last backup log) and also the backup catalog bkc file (from View->Open Folder->Catalog folder).
Put the files into a zip archive and send them to support[at]backup4all[dot]com.
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Re: VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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I can confirm also that the issue still exists in the latest version. I`m running the 32 bit version of Windows7.


Re: VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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ok, i have just sent my debug log and the catalog as requested.
hope you can find the problem.



Re: VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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I am running W7 and after three backups the VscSXrv2008.exe message appeared


Re: VscSrv2008.exe crashes

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valsons wrote:I am running W7 and after three backups the VscSXrv2008.exe message appeared
I have downloaded the new release # 214, and my problem with vscsrv2008 has gone away. Thanks!!!

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