Using Portable and drive letters changing

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Using Portable and drive letters changing

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I'm sure this must be on the site somewhere, but I can't see it. I am using the Portable version on an external hard drive. Depending on what other drives etc I have plugged in when I want to make the backup, the drive letter assigned to the backup drive may vary and that seems to cause a problem - it says it has to delete the catalogue and starts the backup process from scratch if the drive letter is different instead of being able to do a differential or incremental backup. My backup directory is a subdirectory of the Softland folder on the external hard drive, as in the default setup.

How can I get it to just work for whatever drive letter is assigned?


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Re: Using Portable and drive letters changing

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In Backup Properties->External drives, please check the "Lock the destination to this external hard drive" option and press Save.

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