Use local catalogs option

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Use local catalogs option

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So I use the Dell RD1000 drives and the Dell RD1000 HDD Cassettes to backup my data using a mirror backup. I change the cassette everyday since I have them set to eject after the backup completes. I also have the fast mirror option enabled where it only backups the new/changed files from the last backup to increase backup speeds.

I was wondering do I need to enable the use local catalogs option or do I need to disable it since I rotate the cassettes everyday?

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Re: Use local catalogs option

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If you disable the "Use local catalogs" option, only the backup catalog from the currently connected destination drive will be used.
That way, the backups will be independent on each destination drive. On each drive, a full will be performed, then an incremental with all new and modified files since the last time that drive was used.

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