tool to analyze log file

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tool to analyze log file

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The log file is packed with lots of useful data, so much so that it's difficult for me to find what I'm looking for or even to know what all types of data are present. I'd like to write a tool that would help me isolate certain types of data and create a summary and/or an analysis from that data. For example: what are the contents of any filters; how many files were backed up; any warnings; any errors; open files that couldn't be backed up; etc.

Could someone from the support team provide how to locate certain sections of the log file? Perhaps keywords that identify the start and/or end of certain sections?

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Re: tool to analyze log file

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1. The filters are listed in the first part of the log. Just search for "Filters:" to find them.

2. You can see the total number of files/folders added to backup at the end of the log:
Total number of files added to backup: x
Total number of folders added to backup: y

3. Please search for "Warning: " and "Error: " to locate warnings and errors in the log file

4. If there are open files which were not backed up, they will be listed as warnings.

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