SQL Error "UPDATE Backups SET BackupType = 1

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SQL Error "UPDATE Backups SET BackupType = 1

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Destination Type: FTP
Backup Type: Mirror
Receiving the following error in the logs:
SQL error "UPDATE Backups SET BackupType = 1 WHERE NOT (BackupType in (1,4)) AND BackupId = (Select Min(BackupId) from Backups)" - database is locked, database is locked (SQL81)

Jobs have been running successfully until recently. No changed were made. Tried restarting the server and SQL services to no avail.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: SQL Error "UPDATE Backups SET BackupType = 1

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Please delete the backup job from Backup4all, then open the .bkc catalog file from the backup destination.
That will recreate the backup job in Backup4all.
Run again the backup.

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