"Spare" destination copy

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"Spare" destination copy

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My destination is a 32GB USB stick. I configured for incremental backups. First problem: After making my first backup (~25GB) I added 8 files to the set, then attempted to use a new 32GB stick for the next (scheduled) backup, but the application returned the error that there was no room to continue on my destination. This is a brand new freshly formatted stick. I then tried a manual backup with the same configuration and it backed the 8 files successfully. So the program seems to be telling me that I can't do scheduled backup on this stick???.

Next problem: I then tried to add the 8 new files to my original backup and the log returned that I added zero files. So the program also seems to be telling me that it looks neither on my HD nor on my destination for changed/added files???

Am I correct in understanding that on a daily scheduled backup I may not use more than one physical destination medium? My thought was to keep one backup updated weekly or monthly and another updated daily.

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Re: "Spare" destination copy

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1. Please send us the last backup log and the .bkc catalog file for that job to support[at]backup4all[dot]com
The way you described the situation should not return that error. It might be something else.

2. If the source files are not correctly detected, please uncheck the "Smart file scanning mode" option from Backup Properties->Advanced page.

3. Do you want to use two destinations with a single backup job? In this case, you must uncheck the "Use local catalogs" option from Backup Properties->Advanced page. This way, when you run the backup, the currently connected destination will be updated.

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