Some files get mixed up on mirror backup

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Some files get mixed up on mirror backup

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After doing a mirror backup, I get some error about specific files not being the same size. For each file I found the following scenario:
1. one file was not backed up at all
2. one file was backed up (that file has a DOS-shortened name such as ABCD~01.pdf), however it now bears the name (on the destination disk) of the file that was not copied (the one described in item 1).

If a rename all the "DOS-shortened" files, and rerun the mirror backup: those files get copied; however, the files described in item 1 are still not added to the backup.

Source disk is NTFS
Destination disk is FAT32
System is Windows XP
Backup4all Professional 4.6

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Re: Some files get mixed up on mirror backup

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Please send us the complete log file from View->Job Logs->Last backup log to support[at]backup4all[dot]com
Also please include your registration name and key in the email.
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