Shutdown Computer When Finished disabled?

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Shutdown Computer When Finished disabled?

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I got to thinking this program could probably shutdown my PC after finishing as I lay awake... I found a checkbox but it is greyed out or disabled so I can not click on it. Why? I wondered if it was because the backup was running so I paused it but still it is disabled. Then on searching I see there are loads of folks saying there are issues with this feature anyway. What is the situation at this point. I just downloaded and installed today so I should have a pretty new version.

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Re: Shutdown Computer When Finished disabled?

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That checkbox should be available for you to check. Please send us a screenshot with Backup4all when you cannot select the box to support[at]backup4all[dot]com
If you want, you can set the shutdown action after backup in the Backup Properties->Advanced page, under "Run program/action after backup" section.

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