Scheduled Backups

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Scheduled Backups

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Windows 7 Professional - Backup4all Standard Version 4.4 Build 214

I have two (2) group backups scheduled to run at 8 hour intervals.
Group 1 runs at 0100, 0900, 1700 and Group 2 at 0300, 1100, 1900 hours.
If the computer is powered off at a scheduled time no problem, but if the
computer is in sleep mode lets say at 0900 and is woke up at 1000 why do
both group backups run at 1100? How can I make only the scheduled backup
run and prevent the other backup whose time was slept through not run until
its next scheduled time?

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Re: Scheduled Backups

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It seems you set an option in Windows scheduler to run the task as soon as possible if missed.
To disable that option, go to Control Panel->Task Scheduler.
Select the task for that job and in the Settings tab, uncheck the "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" option.
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