Save last n days of backup

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Save last n days of backup

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I need help because I don't understand how to save last n days of backups, in my specific situation:

I Backup from local drive to external drive (usb). I've got 2 external drives that I cycle every week. I manually swap them every Friday at 4 pm.
I've scheduled an incremental backup every day of the week (Mon - Fri) at 1 pm.
I've scheduled a full backup every saturday.
I would like to have the backup of every day of the last 4 weeks (4 fulls and 20 incrementals), splitted on both usb disks (I don't care much how they are splitted).
I want to loose backups older then 4 weeks.

1) Should I set my backup type as Full or Incremental in its properties? I don't get what's the difference if I force it using the scheduler.
2) How should I set the "Limit number of backups" option? Does it refer to Full backups, Incrementals or both regardless of the type?
3) Should I keep the "Rotate disks" option flagged?


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Re: Save last n days of backup

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You need to use a single backup job of Incremental type. In Backup Properties->Advanced, uncheck the "Use local catalogs" option.
This way, the catalog from the currently connected external drive will be used. You will have 2 separate backups on each drive, so the old versions can be deleted when is the case (an not residing on the other not connected drive).

For this scenario, you need to combine scheduled backups actions with cleanup actions.
Here is a video tutorial about how to do that: ... s-131.html

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