same source in multiple PC´s

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same source in multiple PC´s

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I want to do a BACKUP to have the newest files in my BACKUP folder.

I have four (4)PC´s. Each of this PC´s have a folder named "RADIO"

I want to do a backup on an external disk, keeping the newest files that I have on each of my RADIO folders (in my four PC´s)

How to do that?

I can do the backup of the first PC, but when I do the backup of the second PC, the files of first PC are deleted and I have only the files of the second PC


Adrian (Softland)
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Re: same source in multiple PC´s

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You can do that only if the source structure is the same on each PC.
You need to create a similar backup job for each source PC.
Use the Mirror backup type in Backup4all.
In Backup Properties->Destination, you select the destination folder
In "Backup Type->Mirror", uncheck the "Create full paths" and "Copy files in a subfolder" options.

With all these settings, each backup job will back up from one source computer, all to the same destination folder.
Only new and modified files will be backed up, so in destination you will have the newest file version from all 4 PCs.

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