Running a command before backup

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Running a command before backup

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I have mirror of some information on a NAS unit. As this mirror runs once a day I have a hibernation configuration on the NAS.
The hibernation on the nas ends with a Wake on lan (WOL) command that works fine.
I’ve configured my backup so it runs the wol command before the backups.
Howerver, Backup4all tests the destination drive before running the “Run action before backup” where I’ve configured de WOL command.
The fact is that Bakup4all generates an error and aborts the backup because it cant find the nas as its hibernating.
Is there any form that backup4all runs the “Run action before backup” before testing the availability of the backup destination ?

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Running a command before backup

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In this case, you should run the batch file with the WOL command and put the command line for Backup4all at the end of that batch file, after a wait time.

You will create a Windows Scheduled task to run the batch file.
The scheduled task from Backup4all must be disabled (not to run in the same time) and you can also disable the action before backup.
The batch file will first run the WOL command, then after a wait time, it will run the actual backup.

To run a backup using command line, please use the following example:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Softland\Backup4all 8\bBackup.exe” /r “job-name” -Priority 2

The documentation for command line can be found here: ... on-kb.html

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