Retention/deletion settings?

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Retention/deletion settings?

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I'm trying to implement an affordable backup strategy for multiple terabytes of data. The problem is that a lot of it is going to be edited over the past several months - pictures getting cleaned up, MP3s with updated metadata, etc. I was curious if Backup4All featured any of the following:

1. Block or at least file-level incremental backups. In other words, if I have a 2GB Outlook PST file, and I download a few hundred KB's of email, is it going to backup the entire PST file again?

2. Deleted file retention settings. The option to have it remove files from my backup set after they've been deleted from the source after a while. For example, have it delete a document from the backup archive 30 days after I delete the original.

3. Data deduplication. If the same file has been backed up, it doesn't get backed up again, even if it's been moved to a different place on the source drive.

Any other suggestions for avoiding the perils of ever-enlarging backups due to files changing or being moved?

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Re: Retention/deletion settings?

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1. Backup4all performs block level backups for Full, Differential and Incremental types in the way you described.
2. You cannot do that with Backup4all.
3. When parsing the files, Windows is giving both paths for a deduplicated file. So only Windows knows it is deduplicated.
Moving the source files to another location means they will be backed up again, being considered new source files.

You can run full backups from time to time and clean the old backups from Backup4all.

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