Restoring Backup4all itself

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Restoring Backup4all itself

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I have used the software to backup my entire environment spread across 4 backup archives. I am about to format the machine and rebuild from scratch. I will be re-installing Backup4all to restore the data. Are there any settings specific to Backup4all itself that I need to backup/restore before I can use it to restore from the archives I've already made? Is there some important archive definition settings or anything like that I need to copy or can I just use a generic installation and tell it to restore an archive I already have that its never seen before?

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Re: Restoring Backup4all itself

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1. You can use the "Backup4all configuration" plugin to back up all Backup4all settings and restore them after that.
Here is an article about that: ... s-235.html

2. You can also recreate the backup jobs by opening the .bkc catalog files in the new installation, but the other application settings will be set to default.
Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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