restoring backup from external harddrive

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restoring backup from external harddrive

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Hi Guys - I have been backing up to an external hard drive on a network. The hard drive in my laptop (which I was backing up) has just been replaced. I loaded Bu4all back onto the laptop and then went to restore but it is telling me there is nothing to restore. How do I tell it to restore the mirror backup on my external drive onto the laptop?? Tried the online help without success. I am running bup4all lite in that laptop Thanks


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Re: restoring backup from external harddrive

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On the computer where you installed Backup4all, please open the .bkc catalog file from destination.
The backup job will be recreated in Backup4all. Press Restore and select a location for restore.
Do you know you can monitor your backups remotely with Backup4all Monitor? You can read more here:

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