Restore's Source Not What Was Expected

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Restore's Source Not What Was Expected

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Running Backup4All v 7.4 in a Windows 10 environment.

I have a backup job whose source is on a directory on my C drive and
is targeted to backup to optical disks. I ran backup
on my target directory and all finished cleanly after the test
was done, creating 16 disks for a 102 gb backup. (I'll never make
one that large again!)

Now just to be sure everything worked as expected, I wanted to do a
test restore of a couple of files from the backup. When I select the
files to restore, instead of restoring from the optical disks, the
restore appears to use the files on the C drive's directory. I say appears because
Backup4All does not ask for optical discs to be mounted, but doesn't
specifically identify the source it is using. (The C-drive files which
were backed up will be removed after I am able to
satisfactorily restore from the optical media.)

I checked the properties on the backup job and it indeed
uses optical as the target and points to the correct DVD/CD

What have I done wrong, please?

Bill Cole

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Re: Restore's Source Not What Was Expected

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To make sure the files are restored from the optical drive, you can rename the source folder before running the restore.

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