Restore doesn't restore all files

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Restore doesn't restore all files

Post by Erik2B »

I have a strange issue with Restore.

After a infection with a Ransomware, we needed to restore all files from the backup. After the restore we got the message that restore was successful. After a check we found out that the restore didn't restore all files. after checking the catalog if the files where there we did a second restore just for those files.

it was about 90 mb big but he only did a restore a single file..... no errors.

we use incremental back-up. 1 job is too a local NAS an 2 jobs too a offside location NAS with FTP. none of the locations could restore all file.

All the backups r successful no errors (except some open files, but not the files i wanted te restore).

Lucky enough we could restore the file with shadow copy from MS but i still have a issue know why the restore is nor working.

regards Erik

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Restore doesn't restore all files

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


Can you send us the last restore log and the .bkc catalog file from the backup destination to see what the problem is?

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