Practical usage advice?

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Practical usage advice?

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I have a backup job that handles quite a large amount of data, and it runs daily. It is currently set to Smart, with the limits set to 85% of the destination capacity.

1) What does that 85% represent? A full backup + differentials until that limit is reached? and then what?

2) Nightly differentials are now around 45GB. Since that is every night, I assume that every differential references the original, full backup. Correct?

3) To make a true full backup takes more than 24 hours - over a none-too-fast LAN then onto a USB drive. My first efforts with that were defeated as Windows would either go to sleep orreboot during the process. I've taken precautions as far as I can to stop those behaviours, but I worked around them by doing a smaller set in the Full backup then adding more directories. This must be the cause of the large diffs. What strategy might be better?

Please add any thoughts born of your own experience. Thanks.

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Re: Practical usage advice?

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1. The 85% represents the percent used for backup, from the destination capacity. It should allow multiple backups to fit in that space.

2. The Differential backup type will always refer to the last full backup.

3. You can make the first full backup locally to an external drive then move it to the actual destination. Here is an article about how to do that: ... p-239.html

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