Plugins - virtual folders

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Ireneusz Patalas
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Plugins - virtual folders

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can you explain me the idea behind virtual folders for plugins ? I don't see any advantage of them and it seems very confusing for me.

Let's take an example:

I expected the backup zip will end with a folder structure similar to the one set up here, so that i will have a registry file in the zip root folder, then the Config folder with two ini files and another folder Alternate files with all other *.ini files (that's how it's defined by default - it's a plugin available in your Downloads).

What I actually get is so much different... I get 3 separate zips, one with registry settings, one with Alternate files folder and one with the rest. I don't get it :(
Is there a way to get only one zip file? I would prefer it to work that way, I expect a single backup to be in a single file.
Is there at least some kind of a workaround for this? I have quite a few applications which I do want to backup with registry settings and files and I really don't like the way it works now :(

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Plugins - virtual folders

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This is the way the plugins were designed.
Each backup has its files in a folder named as the backup job. This way your files/folders in backups are organized.
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