Old Incremental Backups With No Job Identity

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Old Incremental Backups With No Job Identity

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Have a number of B4A backups that were made several years ago, on different machines, for which there are no current job identifiers in the currently installed copies of B4A that I license. Some of these backups were made as "full" and so generate zip files which can be opened and extracted. However some of them appear to have been "incremental" backups for which .bacd, .b02 ... etc, files are available, but for which I have not found a way of restoring.

Is there any hope here?

Thanks much.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Old Incremental Backups With No Job Identity

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If you have a .bkc catalog file for that job, you can open it in Backup4all and then you can perform the restore from Backup4all.

If you don't have the catalog file, please let us know exactly what files are they to make sure it was an incremental backup. They must be zip files or .z01, .z02... files
In this case you only need to extract the zip file and all splits (.z01, .z02) will be extracted too.
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