Incremental back up not working properly

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Incremental back up not working properly

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There must be a setting wrong in my setup. I have some of my folders set to incremental backup and they are backed up daily. However, it is doing a full backup each day, not incremental. Should it not only back up what has changed since the last incremental backup? Please respond asap as I am still in the trial period.


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Re: Incremental back up not working properly

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Yes, the incremental type will back up only new and modified files since the last backup execution.
To see what the problem is, please send us to [email protected]:
- the .bkc catalog file for that job. You can find the .bkc file if you go to View->Open folder->Destination folder.
- the .log file for the last backup job. To find it, please go to: View->Job Logs->Last Backup Log.
Put the files into a zip archive.
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