How can I set this up?

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How can I set this up?

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Assume I have a 1TB drive for data. I have a 1.5TB drive for backups. I want to set up my schedule to do a full backup and then nightly differentials until I've used up the 1.5TB. Once the space is used, I want to restart the cycle.

My data (photographs) doesn't change rapidly, but does grow in spurts as I either go out an shoot more, or start to process the results from shooting. I don't want to schedule a weekly full because 1) it takes too long, and 2) many weeks there is only a few % change in the amount of space consumed.

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Re: How can I set this up?

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You cannot configure Backup4all to automatically restart the cycle based on the free disk space in destination.
You can configure it to perform backups and cleanup operations based on a scheduled scenario.
Example: run full backups every month, daily incremental backups and monthly cleanup right before the full.

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