Hebrew files names are unreadable

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Re: Hebrew files names are unreadable

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Ver: Backup4all 4.5 build 234
Since its only coping the files, i tried windows explorer and total commander,
on both, the file names are corrapted. i had no problem changing their file name back or restore them.
on the source disk the files with their right hebrew names.

I think that for Hebrew file names the files are written using windows-1255 and not UTF-8 which probably used by your software.
if that is the case, i would be very happy to assist in any way, we really need the backup software working ;)

Support wrote:Hi,

Please tell us what application do you use to browse the files in destination and see the wrong file names.
Can you restore few files using Backup4all? Do they have the correct file names?

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Re: Hebrew files names are unreadable

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As I understand from your response, you can restore the files with the correct file name using Backup4all.
That means the file names are fine and the problem is with the programs you use the view the files.
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