File not getting backuped with .270 was ok with .263!

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File not getting backuped with .270 was ok with .263!

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I already gave a description of the problem as an email to support and as a reply to "Problem with Spanish letters and symbols". As there has not been any response, I'll open another thread.

It seems that new update (Backup4all Standard Edition 4.7.270) is not working ok! This is how it looks like in backup log:

[14.5.2012 18:53:11] Warning: File "C:\Users\<account>\Documents\Data_<name>\Data_<name>2\raisio\Raisio Yhtymä 040302 versio2.doc" not found in zip "Z:\Documents\Documents\"

However, if I browse the backup via BU4A interface, it claims the file to be inside of the backup archive. If I now try to resume the file, I get the following error:

[14.5.2012 18:55:11] Error: File "C:\Users\<account>\Documents\Data_<name>\Data_<name>2\raisio\Raisio Yhtymä 040302 versio2.doc" does not exist in zip ""

On the previous attempt to run backup this same file gave "size not matching error", and an other file gave the same "not found" as this file is now giving.

[11.5.2012 18:49:47] Warning: Size of file "Users\<account>\Documents\Data_<name>\Data_<name>2\raisio\Raisio Yhtymä 040302 versio2.doc" in destination (45568) is different than the size stored in catalog (95744)
[11.5.2012 18:49:47] Warning: File "C:\Users\<account>\Documents\Data_<name>\Data_<name>2\raisio\RAISIO YHTYMÄ OYJ kauppalehti.doc" not found in zip "Z:\Documents\Documents\"
Test finished at 11.5.2012 18:50:04, 58506 file(s) and 1820 folder(s) tested, 0 error(s) and 2 warning(s) found

Earlier version that I used to run (4.6.263) never gave any errors!

Edit: I did find that version .263 from my download archive, and tested it. Result was as expected:

[14.5.2012 19:33:17] Starting test on "Documents" for backup number 11, the last backup number at 14.5.2012 19:33:17
Test finished at 14.5.2012 19:33:36, 58521 file(s) and 1821 folder(s) tested, 0 error(s) and 0 warning(s) found

I really hope that this gets fixed quite soon. I was planning to upgrade to Professional edition in order to get incrementals to work (would help a lot with my photo archive), but now I first have to regain trust to the BU4A.

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Re: File not getting backuped with .270 was ok with .263!

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We found the problem and we will fix it.
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