File not found

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File not found

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I will try to make a save with Backup4all,

before today all will be work normaly,

but now when i make a save, i have 1/3 of my file dosent was save; with the message : file not found "Le fichier spécifié est introuvable"

Backup4all was install on my server, my files are on a NAS, and i make save into a external drive disk.

So half of my files dosents was copy into save, but when i make a save with only files not found, this work !

Im not sure its easy to interstand with my english ^^"

When i copy all files : 1/3 dont was save
When i copy only 1 files or 1 folder (from files doesent was save before), thats work, i can save them.

I didnt undrerstand why...

Can you help me ? Thanks

edit : the files are "ignored file"
I will re try with just one folder, and i have same "ignored file" for 123 files on 2000 files

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Re: File not found

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Please send us the last backup log for that job to support[at]backup4all[dot]com

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