Does incremental merge remove excluded files?

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Does incremental merge remove excluded files?

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I've just done A LOT of Googling and I can't seem to figure this out.

If I have a backup that has "Yes, limit number of backups" set and "Merge backups" checked, when it does the merge, will files that have been deleted (excluded) eventually be lost?

For example, say we're doing nightly backups and limiting to 14 backups ("Yes, limit number of backups" is set to 14) and we're merging backups. There's a file named "important.txt" that has been backed-up. At some point, somebody accidentally deletes that file. The next backup now excludes the file. A year from now, somebody discovers that "important.txt" is missing - will that file still be available in the backup (excluded, of course) a year from now?


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Re: Does incremental merge remove excluded files?

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That file version won't be deleted. I will be merged with the other backups.

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