desktop icons disappear after backup

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desktop icons disappear after backup

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Hello forum,
This is related to Windows 7 and is for a client who needs backup of all documents.
They frequently place docs on the desktop, so that location needs to be included.
Following a first backup, I noticed all user-related icons have disappeared.
Note the icons from the "All Users" "Desktop" location have not disappeared.
That folder was not included in backup.
Can anyone suggest what I might need to do to make sure this does not happen again?
And apologies for simply assuming it must be caused by the backup.
- purchased install of Backup4All Pro
- backup is a Mirror of local folders to a location "C:\Backups"
- local folders include ...\Users\<multiple>\Desktop\ plus each "My Documents" and "My Pictures"
- most other settings are as per default

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Re: desktop icons disappear after backup

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Please note Backup4all does not change the source files, so it cannot be Backup4all who caused the problem.
We never had such problems here.

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