Cryptomator / OneDrive backup error

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Cryptomator / OneDrive backup error

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I just switched over from Boxcryptor to Cryptomator with OneDrive. Backup4all was working great with Boxcryptor; however, it fails to backup my Cryptomator-encrypted OneDrive folder, I get the following error:

[1/30/2023 1:24:43 AM] Warning: Skipping file G:\OneDrive\Documents
Source error (code 123696896). Cannot find description of this error code. (G:\OneDrive\Documents).
Please check the file permissions

Windows 11, Boxcryptor 9.8.708, Cryptomator 1.6.17 (msi-4104).

Anybody else running Backup4all with Cryptomator / OneDrive? If so, if you could share how you got it to work, I'd appreciate it.

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Cryptomator / OneDrive backup error

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It seems that Cryptomator does not allow direct access to files as administrator if you mount the encrypted folder as a drive.
You need to mount it as a folder.

Please follow these steps:
1. Lock the Vault.
2. Press "Vault options" button
3. Go to "Mounting" tab
4. Under "Mount Point" select "Custom path" and select the local path for OneDrive.
5. Close the options window
6. Press "Unlock now".
7. Add the new mapped folder as backup source in Backup4all.
8. Run the backup.
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