Command line questions

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Command line questions

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Hi, I currently have B4A v7.5 and am trying to get my head around using the command line.

Background: I currently have three jobs (let's call them 'local ftp', 'onedrive' and 'Gdrive') which i use on rolling basis. When i leave my home office in the evening instead of shutting down I initiate the appropriate backup and this then backs up the PC and shuts it down. Unfortunately, as i live in a rural area the ongoing backup job (uploading to the cloud which is 2/3 nights) interferes with my streaming.

Therefore I was looking into three separate batch files (one for each job) and to initiate them via the Windows task scheduler to start after any streaming is complete (i.e. after midnight)!

II doesn't appear to be as simple as: B4aCmd "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Softland\Backup4all 7\local ftp.bkc"

Can anyone please give me an example of how to initiate an existing job from the command line - or doesn't it work like that?


PS: I don't think the scheduler built into the B4A interface is sophisticated enough to achieve the above.

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Re: Command line questions

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Please note b4acmd command is no longer supported, you must bbackup.exe command with the following syntax:

bbackup.exe /r Job_name

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