Cloud Backup, slow broadband, new files only

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Cloud Backup, slow broadband, new files only

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My Client has a file system of about 100GBs, a slow broadband < 8MBits Upload about 0.25 MBits. They want Cloud or FTP backup, there is no way this can be initiated without about a months upload. What I think can happen is that I can take a backup to a attached USB hard drive. Draw a line and then send all the changed files / blobs/ whatever to Azure / S3 / FTP pot daily.

The company files including PST's do not change more than 5Mb a day.

I appreciate that I will not be able to mix the two backups (Harddrive and Cloud) and will need an intelligent restore (human) system.

Can the above be implemented using Backup4All?



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Re: Cloud Backup, slow broadband, new files only

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You can run the first Full backup to an USB drive, move that backup to Cloud, then continue the incremental backups from the original computer directly to Cloud as 5 MB/day will be uploaded shortly.

Follow the same steps as described in this article, only use cloud instead of FTP: ... p-239.html

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