Clean will not delete one backup

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Clean will not delete one backup

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I like to run a clean backup periodically before running a full backup to clean out the directory and reset the backup number back to 0. Last time I ran a clean on one of my full backups it did not clean the latest incremental backup correctly. I failed to notice this and ran my full backup. I noticed it when my backup number did not reset to 0. I tried numerous times to clean this one incremental backup but it fails to do so every time. It never gives me an error, just says 0 files cleaned and it does not erase from my clean backup dialog box(which says it has 0 files and 0 bytes). This backup does not exist on my destination drive and I was wondering if there is a way to tell the software that this backup does not exist. I did not think it was an issue until I just tried to restore a file. It will not restore any file from this backup. It gives me no errors, just the same 0 files restored message. I am hoping that getting rid of this ghost incremental backup that must have cleaned incorrectly will allow me to restore from this file again.


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Re: Clean will not delete one backup

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To make sure the catalog will delete all backup entries, please open Backup Properties->Advanced.
In the "Run action before backup" section, select "Run program or action" (with <Clear backup> selected) and "Run only once" option.
Press Save and run the backup.
A complete new backup will be performed.
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