Chilkatlog error

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Chilkatlog error

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Have been successfully using Backup4all for about 2 weeks, and regularly getting emails after the backups, until this morning. When I checked the log from last night, we did have a successful backup with no errors, but... the log said:

[8/4/2022 8:21:00 AM] Sending mail to "[email protected]"
[8/4/2022 8:21:00 AM] Cannot send the email message. The SMTP server replied: "ChilkatLog:
DllDate: Mar 24 2022
UnlockPrefix: Auto unlock for 30-day trial
Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit
Language: Delphi DLL
VerboseLogging: 0
Auto-unlocking for trial mode...
unlockCode: Auto unlock for 30-day trial
product: ChilkatBundle
hcCurDate: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 08:21:00 -0400
hcExpire: 7/2022
Trial has expired.
". (0)

I have no idea what this Chilkat is, much less a trial version that has apparently expired?? Is this something that is part of backup4all? If so, I did pay for and register the software. How can I fix this?
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Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Chilkatlog error

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We fixed the problem in the new build of Backup4all 9.8.647.
Please install it from: ... p-full.exe
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