Check for sufficient free space before backup

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Check for sufficient free space before backup

Post by ceravis »

Is there a way to check for sufficient free space on the backup target (such as a removable HD) *before* starting a time-consuming backup operation? Of course it can be difficult to determine the final size of a backup when using compression (although even in this case a rough estimate could be made and stated as such), but I'm only interested in a mirror backup in this case.

Alternatively, is there a way to have the Backup Properties -> Sources page display the size on disk of each selected source (plus a total for the entire backup)? This would make it easy to estimate if a given backup medium is large enough for the job.


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Re: Check for sufficient free space before backup

Post by Adrian (Softland) »


At this moment you can calculate the statistics for next backup if you go to Statistics View (F3).
There you can also see the free disk space in destination.

Showing the total size of the selected sources in Properties->Sources is one of the features that will be implemented in Backup4all.
I cannot give you an exact date when it will be implemented.
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