Can we do this?

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Can we do this?

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We are testing Fbackup (of course to use Backup4All Registered)

we use cobian we are looking into 2 particular feature:

1. Google Drive Backup AND Amazon S3

2. Possibility to do a backup and send to two (2) location (1 Source - 2 Destination)
ej: Backup 1 Folder and send 1 backup to Local Disk and a Second to FTP or Cloud Google)

3. Backup should only keep N# qty of backup
ej: just the last 7 Backup.

Point 2 and 3 could be done with Backup4all? how?

i know i could create 2 task, but ZIP for 100,000 Files is slow and doit twice is an issue (all are changed daily)

Also any idea Suggestion how to do this?

Also Speed Compression is same in fbackup and Backup4all?

Thank in Advanced

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: Can we do this?

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1. In Backup4all you can set a single destination for one backup job.
2. In this case you need two backup jobs.
3. You can limit the number of stored backup versions at 7.

In order to avoid compressing the same files twice, you can use 3 backup jobs:
- the first one will create a local incremental of the sources
- the second one will create a mirror backup of the first local backup to Google Drive
- the third one will create a mirror backup of the first local backup to Amazon S3. If it is the last backup executed, you can set it to delete the sources after backup, in order to save the space deleting the first backup archive.

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