C: Drive shrinking in size

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C: Drive shrinking in size

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Can someone please tell me why my C: Drive on my server is shrinking in size please, the backup is as follows:

FTP Backup
Backing up 67Gb of data to a NAS Drive in a remote location.

When the backup is running and adding files which i gather is before the upload, where do these files get added to ? is this the reason for my C:Drive getting smaller in size?

I need to reform my C: Drive back to it's original size before i attempted this, can someone tell me how to do this please ?

Many Thanks in Advance

Adrian (Softland)
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Re: C: Drive shrinking in size

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If you create a zipped backup, the backup zip file is created locally in a temporary folder on your C: drive.
The temporary folder is deleted after that. Please check the temporary folder location to see if there are large files.
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