Backup of multiple PC's and other drives

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Backup of multiple PC's and other drives

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Hello, I've been kind of lurking around sucking up information here and there. Have a question. I have an 8tb drive I intend to use through router for backups (upgrading the entire drive -> 12tb+ in a year-ish). Also have 3 PC's and several smaller hard drives laying around. I'm looking for a software (paid/free) that can play nice with multiple backups. I have a main PC that I'll be using for backing up other external drives.

I want something that will UPDATE/sync the backups, not rewrite entire drive backup from scratch... I have ~4tb and that would be alot of re-written backups 😅. I plan to do it once a month, one device at a time.

Acronis True Image seems nice but I've ran into some pretty bad reviews on it as well. Would I be fine just setting for the better of the worse? Or is there an ideal software? I prefer pay once vs subscription but if it's worth a couple years and a heartache I could settle for subscription too... 🤕.... Or would I be better off just building a NAS (WD or Synology) that comes with backup software? 🤔

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Re: Backup of multiple PC's and other drives

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You can use Backup4all for that. It will create the fist complete backup and after that only new and modified files will be backed up.
If you have an existing backup on the destination drive, it will not be used by Backup4all because it uses its own catalog to store information about the backed up files and folders.
You can use zip compression or back up the files without compression. There are many more options you can use and customize, according to your needs.

For Backup4all there is a one time payment, no periodic subscription.
You can download and test Backup4all for 30 free days, as trial.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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