Backup Errors

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Backup Errors

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I have found that I keep getting two specific errors when my backups fail. I have tried to search for these errors on the website and through the forums but have not found a justification as to why these errors are occurring. Can you please define to me what the following errors mean?

Cannot connect to the SFTP server (SFTP1004)

Can't send after Socket shutdown (10058)

Software caused connection abort (10053)

I am able to connect to the SFTP server and the test is completed just fine and yet I still obtain that error. And about the socket shutdown, once my backup is uploading to the sftp server, there should be no reason for the socket to shutdown or close until the file is completed. Is there a special size of file (GB) you would recommend for uploading to avoid this error?
And what would cause the application to abort the connection?

Thank you for your help and assistance in this issue.

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Re: Backup Errors

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I need to see the entire log file. Please send it to support[at]backup4all[dot]com

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